Worship at Saint Mark’s

Join us in worship every Sunday @ 10:00 am

In-person and online. All are Welcome.

Worship Service

Gather with us for a blended style of worship led by Pastor Quentisha (or Pastor Q as she’s affectionately called).   Saint Mark’s is a place of worship, of joy, of comfort, of learning, of engagement, of growing, and of being challenged. It is a social, spiritual, emotional, religious place – a gathering place of believers who have many different ideas.  At its core, Saint Mark’s is a place for seekers and believers to gather and grow together, to sing, to share, and to engage.

“A gathering place, a place full of love, of hope, a house of mercy – which Jesus called it, a place where all of us – whoever can show up and be nurtured, learn to love, agape love – not just the meaning but the action. A place where we do away with ideas like tolerance and we allow each other to become.” – Pastor Quentisha


Baptism and Communion are the Holy Sacraments observed by the United Methodist Church. Everyone is welcome to participate in Communion at St. Mark’s regardless of church membership or affiliation.

St. Mark’s subscribes to no specific dress code for worship services.

Communion is celebrated on the first Sunday of every month. Those interested in helping serve communion may contact the Church Office.

Baptism is one of the greatest joys of the Christian church to baptize people into the body of Christ – infants, children, and adults alike. Please address all inquiries regarding baptism to the pastor or Church Office at (916) 483-7848.