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St. Mark’s relies greatly on the help of volunteers, from daily office greeters, to large work projects around the campus. There are plenty of opportunities to give back to the St. Mark’s community and get more involved in church life. Check out some of these volunteer areas, and see where you can help in the running of St. Mark’s

All Church Work Days

Volunteers work to repair, beautify, and upgrade the St. Mark’s UMC campus throughout the year. Work days are listed on the Church Calendar.

Event Help

St. Mark’s volunteers help move tables and chairs and clean up after church events. To be added to the list of Event Volunteers, please email the Church Office.

Anytime Help

St. Mark’s is always seeking volunteers to help clean and repair church property like the pews, chairs, folding tables, windows, and other items. You can also help paint and inventory church items. Contact the Church Office to offer your time and talents.

Call When Needed

Sometimes St. Mark’s can use help with spring cleaning, changing light bulbs and batteries, cleaning solar panels, carpentry, plumbing, yard work, and other labor. Contact the Church Office to be on the “Call When Needed” list.

Weekly Help

Pick one weekend a month to help St. Mark’s prepare for Sunday service, lock down the campus after Sunday service, and maintain the sanctuary and pews. Contact the Church Office to be a Weekly Helper.

On-Call Office Help

Occasionally St. Mark’s office staff needs a little extra help answering phones, preparing mailings, doing data entry, filing, and basic office tasks. Contact the Church Office to be on the On-Call Office Help list.

Weekly Offie Helpers

St. Mark’s prints and mails the monthly newsletter, Markings, and volunteers are needed for folding and mailing the newsletter. The blue binders are updated weekly, the pews are regularly checked and restocked, and preparation for Sunday service begins on Friday each week. Want to help with these tasks? Contact the Church Office to be a Weekly Office Helper.

Christian Education

St. Mark’s Nursery Helpers and Sunday School Teachers and Assistants are the foundation of the church’s early education programs. Help nurture St. Mark’s youngest attendees by volunteering in the nursery or Sunday School. Contact the Church Office to be part of St. Mark’s Christian Education.

Music & Worship Teams

Share your musical and artistic talents with St. Mark’s by joining the Music & Worship teams. You can also learn more about St. Mark’s Music Ministries.

  • St. Mark’s Choir
  • Worship Band
  • Worship Team
  • Bells of St. Mark’s
  • Worship Arts Committee
  • Worship Arts Display Helper
  • Sound Technician
  • Slide Technician

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