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Spiritual Companions

This group focuses on in-depth exploration of each person’s individual faith journey. Through book study, meditation, prayer and listening for greater wisdom, support is cultivated for each person’s individual faith journey and the mission of transforming ”the self” and the world. For more information or to deepen personal faith exploration, check out this group. It meets on Sunday evenings, 6:00-8:00pm. To learn more about the group and the process of joining, contact Ruth Reynolds.

 Spiritual Direction / Companioning

Sitting with a Spiritual Director/Companion provides an opportunity for God to enter one’s life in a profound way and find possible new avenues for fostering discovery and expression of God-given gifts. Individuals interested in deepening their faith journey in a group or on a one-to-one setting are encouraged to explore this resource. Contact Ruth Reynolds and/or Wyn Cane, trained Spiritual Directors (Companions). Ruth or Wyn can help individuals find a niche in an existing group, line up private sessions with a Spiritual Director or customize something new to meet a specific need or want!

Year-Round Spiritual Direction Groups

These groups are designed to assist people explore the deeper dimensions of personal faith. These groups spend time checking in with each other, reflecting on a reading, sharing of insights, praying for each other and supporting each other in ministry and mission. They offer opportunities for celebration of special moments in a person’s life, as well as time for laughter, tears and demonstration of loving support of each other. These groups meet once a month and are facilitated by Spiritual Director (Companion) Ruth Reynolds. Ruth has been an active Spiritual Director for 14+ years, having completed 18 months of specialized training to serve as a companion. For more information or to join a spiritual direction group, contact Ruth Reynolds.

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