St. Mark’s Rainbow Alliance

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Rainbow Alliance

The St. Mark’s Rainbow Alliance is a catalyst for progressive social change as well as a space for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning and allies to connect and find community. As part of the United Methodist Reconciling Ministries Network, St. Mark’s is active in welcoming the LGBTQ+ community to seek God, share their spiritual journey with others, grow in faith and celebrate the gifts of sexual orientation and gender identity that God bestows on each individual.

The activities and ministries of this group include:

Sacramento Pride Festival & Parade: Church Leaders and church attendees are committed to demonstrate to the LGBTQ+ communities that St. Mark’s is an open and welcoming Christian community for ALL people. (

Guest Speakers: To inform, educate and challenge our thinking on LGBTQ+ topics.

Summer Brunches: meal preparation and food service on select Sundays during the summer months to encourage and celebrate church-wide interaction.

Supports the Trans and Queer Youth Collective program: This program supports youth who identify as Trans or Queer by providing group activities and support for issues they face. (

PFLAG: St. Mark’s provides space for Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbian and Gay persons to meet on the church campus.

Methodist Pride Collective: St. Mark’s joins with other United Methodist churches in our area to sponsor and support LGBTQ+ events.

Social Activities: Potlucks, movie night, and outings to sports and other events.



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