Helping People Who Are Homeless

Offering loving support

Our Mission & Vision

St. Mark’s helps the homeless through combined efforts with:

Sacramento ACT
St. Mark’s Family Promise program
St. Mark’s team at Loaves and Fishes

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Sacramento Area Congregations Together (ACT)

The joint effort with Sacramento ACT continues the work both organizations are doing to seek policy and budget changes that reduce and eventually eliminate homelessness. We need to tackle its root causes with social services, strategies to increase housing supplies, and other means.

Family Promise of Sacramento

As part of the multi-congregational Interfaith Hospitality Network, St. Mark’s provides a caring environment, nutritious evening meals, safe overnight shelter, mentoring and breakfasts four weeks per year for four homeless families. Program participants stay together as a family unit to receive support services that promote self-sufficiency, pursue stable housing, employment, proper health care, life skills training and return of children to regular school attendance. These efforts strive to enable families to re-enter into the mainstream community populace.

Loaves & Fishes

St. Mark’s mobilizes service teams that help provide daily meals at the downtown Loaves & Fishes Dining Room.

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