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Peace, Justice, and Sustainability/Civic Responsibility

Advocates and works for justice, quality of life and sensible use of sustainable resources (energy, food, water, clean air) for all people and for peace throughout the world, first by being informed and engaging as many persons as possible in critical study of the world’s great economic, environmental, cultural and political issues and formulating plans to inspire and support action whenever our faith calls us to address these issues. Recognizes that policies that deplete resources and environmental policy, are a threat to both health and peace.Supports outreach to many local and global organizations, including Tikkun (Network of Spiritual Progressives), Methodist Federation of Social Action (M.F.S.A.), and initiatives against global warming.

To learn more about this ministry, contact Bob Richards, Chair, (916) 992-0561.
or Doris Olson, Co-Chair.  Members: Judy Tracy, Ken Fors, Alice Ainsworth, Sally Weinland, Dennis Beaty, Esther Huston, Don Reynolds, Ruth Reynolds.