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Global Hunger Task Force

Works to alleviate hunger in the local community, nationally and around the world, with gifts and education to overcome poverty, malnutrition and waterborne diseases and to advocate for just, sustainable food and agricultural policies that lead to local self sufficiency in food production. The task force supports the following below programs. Contact: Cynthia Lawrence, (916) 481-3592.

Members: Jane Henderson, Fred Stallcop, Cecilia Stallcop.

First Sunday Table

During the worship services on the first Sunday of each month, the congregation at St. Mark’s is welcomed to the communion table, a celebration of which portrays the physical and spiritual food we receive from God. We are reconciled with God by the love and sacrifice of his Son, Jesus Christ. We are renewed by the touch of the Holy Spirit to live more joyously and intentionally. In the entryway to the Sanctuary, the congregation is welcomed to participate in the First Sunday Table sponsored by the Action Team. As we are fed and renewed by communion, the First Sunday Table enables us to reach out in our community in love and reconciliation. The First Sunday Table is a long standing tradition at St. Mark’s and seeks contributions of needed items and funds as well as time and talent. Contributions to Loaves and Fishes, Central Downtown Food Basket, Francis House, River City Food Bank, and Wellspring Women’s Center will be accepted at the table and sent to the designated organization. Items for St. Mark’s own food closet, for guests at Loaves and Fishes, and for Family Promise families will also be received at the table. Checks may be made payable to the organization and will be mailed in a group to the designated organization, showing St. Mark’s support of their efforts. Opportunities for volunteers can also be found at the First Sunday Table. Howard and Cynthia Lawrence, Coordinators, (916) 481-3592.

Summer Sharing Table

Sells fresh fruits, vegetables, flowers and used books, DVD’s and other items in Siummer months. Proceeds benefit Heifer International and unsold produce is donated to River City Food Bank.

Heifer International

Donates live animals and seed crops to farmers in the U.S. and developing countries to create sustainable, agricultural livelihoods. Contact: Cynthia Lawrence, (916) 481-3592. 

Arden Arcade Carmichael Faith Communities (AAC-FC)

Coordinates local food, durable medical equipment (D.M.E.) and clothing banks for maximum efficiency in serving local clients in the Arden Arcade and Carmichael communities.

Fair Trade Coffee/Products

Supports small farmers in developing countries through sale of fair trade products.

Thanksgiving Coffee

Sindyanna of Gallilee Fair Trade Olive Oil

Contacts: John and Carol Klein.

Loaves and Fishes–Saturday Breakfasts

St. Marks sends a team monthly to prepare and serve the Loaves and Fishes breakfast for 400-500 guests. Contact: Ann Parsons, (916) 488-3345

Sacramento Food Bank and Family Services:

Central Downtown Food Basket:

River City Food Bank: 
Eileen Thomas, Executive Director. Paula Jenkins, Office Manager.

Give Ye Them to Eat (GYTTE) (Puebla, MX)

The integrated development ministry of the “Give Ye Them To Eat” program enhances villagers’ lives with training that moves them from subsistence living to sustainability. As a social outreach project of the Methodist Church of Mexico and an Advance Special project of the GBGM, the purpose of the “Give Ye Them To Eat” program is to strengthen the capabilities of marginalized people in the rural communities of south-central Mexico to meet their basic needs, and to assist them in determining and sustaining a just and integrated development process so people can achieve the full promise and potential of their life as a child of God.

GYTTE Program E-mail:
GYTTE Program Web Page:
Program Directors: Terry and Muriel Henderson, UMC Missionaries

Church World Service

Blanket Sunday


Communities Reaching Out Project-Hunger Walk

Bread for the World

Represents the poor of the world in advocating for just and sustainable agricultural, economic and hunger practices to state, federal and international bodies.